SBA Loans

Whether you’re purchasing equipment or building, buying or refinancing commercial property, Gateway can help you navigate the SBA loan process. Our lenders are experts on SBA rules and procedures, and know how and when to make the most of the SBA 504 Loan Program, which offers long-term financing for business real estate and equipment.

The benefits of an SBA 504 loan include:

  • Higher loan-to-value ratios (up to 90%)
  • Often no additional collateral required for equipment /real estate loans
  • 10- or 20-year fixed rates
  • Assumable loans

To qualify, the SBA 504 Program requires that your business be a small business as defined by the SBA:

  • Net worth of less than $8.5 million
  • Net profit after-tax averaging less than $3.0 million for the previous two years
  • Occupy at least 51% of your existing building or 60% of a newly constructed building

If you own 20% or more of your company, you must personally guarantee the SBA loan you receive.