Personal Savings

Whether you’re opening your first personal savings account or adding to a long-term savings vehicle such as an IRA, Gateway Regional Bank will help you safely save money for your goals—and your future.

Our accounts make it simple for you to choose the opening deposit and minimum balance requirements that are right for you.

Select from three personal savings accounts—all of which pay you interest each month. 

Gateway Statement Savings

This personal savings account earns interest and gives you the ability to make deposits and withdrawals. Your money earns interest at the market rate and is fully liquid. What’s more, there’s no service charge as long as you maintain a minimum balance.

Gateway Money Market Savings

This personal savings account lets you earn a tiered rate of interest on your account balance, while keeping the money fully liquid and accessible. The higher your daily account balance, the more you earn.

Gateway Treasury Savings

Ideal for higher balances, this FDIC-insured personal savings account lets you earn a tiered rate of interest while maintaining the liquidity of your funds and gives you the flexibility to access your funds whenever you need them.

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Or to learn more about our personal savings account options, stop by our friendly Mendota Heights office or call us at +1-619-780-5197. 

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